For the longest time, Karafun has traditionally been the only legal and available karaoke subscription service for bars, karaoke rooms, and nightclubs. This means companies and KJs across the country have been limited to one karaoke subscription solution, with only so many songs available for customers.

The problem? Karaoke is in demand. Bars and restaurants are finally seeing the value a karaoke room can provide to their business. In fact, some research suggests that karaoke can increase customer spending by over 40%!

As karaoke continues to grow in popularity, so will the demand for an easy-to-use alternative to Karafun. Thankfully, now there are more and better options available on the market that you can take advantage of.

Here's everything you need to know about the top Karafun alternative:

What is Karafun?

Karafun has been in the karaoke industry for over 16 years. It's been the go-to solution around the world for bars, nightclubs, and event spaces looking to elevate their customer experience and add karaoke. With Karafun, all a company needs is a subscription and private spaces for karaoke rooms to get started.

Karafun has taken its love for karaoke to the next level, expanding its business to apps for karaoke lovers to enjoy on their own. The Karafun app for businesses is $229/month per karaoke room.

The Karafun cons

Karafun adds up to 400+ new songs every month. However, that doesn't mean their library of legal-use music is as extensive as you may think. They only have around 68,000 available songs for businesses. Which means the options are limiting and your customers might not always find what they’re looking for.

They are also arguably one of the most expensive solutions on the market, especially if you plan to open a karaoke room business. Every room you have, adds an extra $229 to the bill, which can start to add up.

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Lastly, Karafun doesn't have as many custom advertising options as the Karafun alternatives. This means you can't brand the karaoke experience to complement your business or create a cohesive branding feel inside each individual private karaoke room.

Meet the best new Karafun alternative: Singa

Singa interface being displayed on an iPad.

Singa is the new must-have resource for private karaoke rooms, bars, nightclubs, and everything in between. This solution provides a next-level karaoke experience that’s comparable to the Karafun app.

  • Singa Pro has top-of-the-line features for business karaoke boxes, like a timer, AutoPlay, Kiosk Mode, and Remote Control.
  • The touchless experience makes it easy for customers to request karaoke songs directly from a mobile app whenever they want.
  • The best-priced option for the number of features and capabilities.

All Singa packages include exclusive access to tens of thousands of songs. After a song ends, background music begins. So you never need to worry about awkward silences ruining the party. Unlike the Karafun app, the Singa setup is easy-to-use and customer-friendly. With the user-friendly interface, you can rest assured your employees won't need to focus on helping customers or answering questions.

To start singing, your customers request songs through the Singa mobile app. From there, they can continue to pick tunes they love, make memories with their friends, and enjoy their karaoke experience however they please. Singa subscriptions have three different packages that range from $59 a month to $199 a month, making this Karafun alternative nearly half the price of Karafun, with way more fun.

People at a party with disco lights singing karaoke using Singa.

Singa is a professional and flexible karaoke software that can help your business keep your customers entertained all night. From the background music to the experience: All Singa features are designed to keep the crowd energized and ready to sing - what more could you need?

Take your karaoke experience to the next level

You can't go wrong with Singa. Singa takes that Karafun experience to the next level. With our Karafun alternative, you can rest assured that you, your employees, and your customers will have a high-quality experience when they pick a song to sing.

To learn more about our alternative to Karafun, contact us today!