The much anticipated launch of Vox Box has brought private luxury high-end karaoke rooms to Hull for the very first time. So what is a private karaoke room? A money making machine for your venue, karaoke rooms provide a private entertainment solution for customers looking to sing their heart out in their own space. You can read more on the benefits of karaoke rooms here in our other blog post here.

Sticky floors, listening to crowds of strangers, tiny screens and crackling microphones are very much a thing of the karaoke past. In this article, we’ll talk you through what private karaoke rooms are all about and how Vox Box is leading the way.

No longer will you have to sing in front of a load of strangers, looking at a tiny screen with software that belongs in the 90’s. That style had its day. It’s now the time for the new era of karaoke experience.

We’ve all seen it, consumers are looking to be entertained, a venue with food and drink is no longer enough to keep customers returning. They crave unforgettable experiences and karaoke rooms provide it all whilst generating predictable revenue for your business.

private karaoke room in UK called Vox Box

Vox Box is a brand new experience led, private karaoke room venue in the UK, looking to re-invent entertainment and karaoke as you know it.

What are the karaoke rooms like at Vox Box

Powered by Singa, wannabe Whitney’s to the head-banging rockers can be sure to find their favourite tune from our library of 80,000-strong song catalogue (no more flicking through that sticky song book!). Once you’ve picked your all-time fave, you can blast out those vocals on the high quality wireless microphones over the superior sound systems supported by 58-inch HD TVs.

Feel like a true rock diva - you will of course only be referred to by your band name (chosen on booking) throughout the night - you are spoilt with an iPad-based drinks ordering system (after your pre-ordered drinks have hit empty) - no more queuing at the bar, and no interruptions to you belting out those tunes!  Just like real Rockstars, guests can also select their "rider" when booking, from sweets and popcorn, to good old crisps, these are subtly re-filled for you through-out your session.

Karaoke room in Vox Box

Commenting on choosing Singa to power the karaoke rooms, owners Matthew Elms and Jack Mangan comment: “We wanted to offer the very best seamless luxury experience to our customers and choosing Singa ticked all the boxes. The fully digital system is so user friendly for our clients and the outstanding database satisfies every taste. The background music omits those awkward silences and the built-in feature to promote our F&B offers on the screen between sessions is an added bonus!"

There’s more

In addition to the private suites, Vox Box features a chic piano bar with guest live acts for those who may prefer to kick-back and listen to professionals whilst relaxing with a cocktail, an ice cold juice or a refreshing G&T. Of course those booking the private rooms can also opt to either warm-up or perhaps, erm, give their vocal chords a rest at the bar before and after their bookings.

Supporting Local

Owners Matthew and Jack who also run Escape Room Hull and Spare Room Hull, are always keen to support local business, and the bar offers a range of local IPAs through a partnership with Atom Beers, who have a brewery in Hull. They also commissioned a local artist to make all of their neon signage, the seating was made by a local upholsterer as well as local building, plumbing and electrical contractors.

Catering to everyone

With rooms available from midday and closing time well after midnight, guests can truly make it a night, or afternoon to remember. Allowing everyone to enjoy the fun is imperative, one of the karaoke rooms is downstairs, to make it accessible to people with disabilities, and the tailored drinks menu includes eight alcohol-free beers, and a wide range of soft drinks. Vox Box is also offering some exclusive student deals, to make it more accessible to the local student population.

Karaoke room with Singa equipment

Matt and Jack add: “We were keen to enhance the elements that people love about karaoke – wide song choice, private areas for every occasion and group size, and plenty of space to dance. But we also wanted to ditch the things that people hate – poor technology, unpleasant dark sweaty rooms and queuing for drinks! We’re confident everyone will leave Vox Box Feelin’ Good.”

If you are interested in karaoke for your room or venue, we answer the most commonly asked questions on private karaoke rooms here. Feel free to contact us if you want to get more insights into making your karaoke room concept thrive. You can chat with us on or email us at

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