Karaoke can be the coolest and most exciting entertainment you can offer your customers, or it can turn into a total mess. It all depends on what kind of setup you choose to run your karaoke. In the best case you may increase your venue's footfall and revenues significantly, up to 40% (read more from the Morning Advertiser).

Here are some learnings from our network of over 1 000 Singa-powered venues, that will help you come up with the perfect setup for a singing extravaganza.

1) Get legally licensed karaoke content (karaoke songs)

This comes first, as it is the most important factor you will need to take into account when starting up karaoke at your venue. There's many options out there that can't be used legally for public or commercial purposes. For example, karaoke videos on YouTube or home karaoke DVDs cannot be used legally at a restaurant. Karaoke songs are protected by copyright laws, and you need to make sure the service you're using has all the necessary licenses.

The easiest option for you is to choose a streaming service designed for commercial use like Singa Business. With Singa Business, you don't have to worry as it's 100% licensed and legal.

Read more about the US karaoke licenses or UK karaoke licenses.

2) You don't need to hire extra staff to run karaoke

People love to sing and listen to their comrades perform. Even though a karaoke night is always more exciting with a professional karaoke host, with Singa Business your staff or customers can also run karaoke by themselves.

For example, singers can download the Singa consumer app, find your venue and put songs in the queue directly from their mobile phones. Many of our 1 000+ Singa-powered venues around Europe operate karaoke without a dedicated karaoke jockey. In addition, Singa also has features like smart queue management to help you with your karaoke nights.

3) Think outside the karaoke box

A traditional setup with a stage works like a charm but you can also come up with something totally different.  Some venues don't have a stage; singers are free to wander around the place while singing. You can also create a more party focused setup, where the screens and karaoke are the centerpiece of the venue and everyone gathers around the singer to have a huge singalong party.

In Stockholm, one fine-dining restaurant set up karaoke in their restrooms in a way that makes it possible to sing from the boys' room to the women's side and vice versa. How about that?

You can also explore the concept of karaoke rooms or look inside the karaoke box and convert old smoking cabinets or other spare rooms to rentable karaoke boxes. Literally karaoke can be set up in almost any location.

4) Get one entertainment system to do it all

To avoid any extra hassle, get your hands on a system that handles karaoke, but also background music and display ads. Oh yes, you guessed it right, Singa Business can do just that.

5) You'll need: speaker(s), microphone(s), mixer and TV screen(s)

Plus, of course, the karaoke content. Singa Business runs on an iPad and gives you instant access to thousands and thousands of fully licensed karaoke songs with modern and high-resolution lyric videos. All you need to do is to plug Singa iPad to a screen and audio system and start singing.

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