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XLR? Mixer board? AUX? For everyone who's not an audio system professional, the different devices, chords, and cables offered for setting up a sound amplification system for your home can be a bit overwhelming. But we got it covered for you. Setting up a proper karaoke experience (we mean, like a really good one) at home is not at all complicated. Here's how to do it the simple way.

1. Get the Kbox Karaoke Kit

Sunfly's Kbox Karaoke Kit is designed exactly for this purpose - to have the full karaoke experience at home. With the Kbox Karaoke Kit you can transform any of your devices into a karaoke machine, by just plugging the mixer to your phone, tablet or computer. The set includes a professional sound quality microphone with a long cable, and an easy-to-use mixer board, from which you can mix the vocal effects and volume to the desired level.

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2. Connect the Kbox with your speakers

The only thing you'll need besides Kbox Karaoke Kit is amplified speakers. (And of course karaoke songs, but we'll get to that next.) You can use your tv speakers, external pc speakers, or other similar type of amplified speakers. Kbox Karaoke Kit includes a RCA cable, with which you can connect the mixer to your speaker.

3. Get over 60 000 karaoke songs with Singa, free for a month

This is the easiest way for you to get access to more than 60 000 karaoke songs. Download Singa app to your preferred device for Kbox use - mobile device, your computer or tablet. And the best part, you'll get 1 month of free Singa Premium with your Sunfly Kbox.

Karaoke party = the best party. 

4. That's all, folks! Pick a song and you're ready to sing.

Select a song from Singa's curated singlists or search for a song of your preference. Transpose the pitch (up to 4 steps up or down) to match your voice, and press play!

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Get your KBOX Karaoke Kit here by using the voucher code SINGAX2018.

Sunfly will then email you a link to register for your month's free subscription to Singa.

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