Tokyo is undoubtedly among the biggest hubs for karaoke in the world (if not THE biggest, one might argue). There you can easily find karaoke establishments with more than 100 karaoke rooms spreading over more than 10 floors. Groups of 10 can find their karaoke rooms with disco lights and luminous paint, or sometimes simple leather benches and plain walls. Guests come here for karaoke, dining, and an overnight sleep. Some eager singers even spice up the singing experience by dressing up like a Power Ranger or the Wizard of Oz. What a sight it must be! But where else can you find this similar type of experience?

The closest to this experience you can get in Scandinavia is at Hilma bar in the design hotel Generator in Stockholm. Besides enjoying a tasty meal, hanging out at the bar, or staying the nights, guests can nowadays sing their hearts out in the private karaoke rooms in the hotel. Two hotel rooms were redecorated into private karaoke rooms equipped with disco lights, high quality audio systems, and Singa karaoke.

a girl singing

@dum.poop singing her heart out @hilmastockholm

Generator Hotel: the innovator strikes again

Generator Hotel is a popular accommodation-of-choice among young backpackers, and can be found in tourist-dense metropolises like Copenhagen, London, Paris, Madrid, and Berlin. The hotel chain is often proclaimed as the pioneer in affordable luxury and the master of the social experience. All of its hotel offers a range of room types from shared to private bedrooms, chill-out areas, bars, cafes as well as a variety of spaces available for private hire - from street-facing or basement exhibition spaces to penthouse suites and roof tops.

The hotel's healthy growth was, however, at risk in 2020. With the pandemic (still going), Generator Hotel, as well as the whole hotel industry, has seen a decline in the number of foreign tourists and the near-disappearance of business travel. This have left hotels struggling to attract customers and had a dramatic effect on their revenues. The presented situation has forced many hotels to rethink their business model and come up with new ideas to fill the empty hotel rooms.

As a result, the focus of hotels has frequently turned to: how to offer its services to local and domestic visitors. The key factors in attracting this new customer stream have been a broaden entertainment offering and an emphasis on safety regulation. This is exactly what Generator Hotel have managed to do!


By promoting its Hilma bar and providing private karaoke rooms to hire, Generator Hotel has successfully shifted its focus to creating a unique experience for the locals. Karaoke rooms is not only a trendy entertainment concept which offers tons of fun, but also serves as a safer alternative that let people enjoy their time with friends and/or family.

The karaoke rooms at Hilma takes up to 6 people at a time, which complies with the guidelines of current directives from the Swedish government. Two rooms are available for booking at the current time. Yet, due to their increasing popularity, who knows, more karaoke rooms could be in sight for the future?

Private karaoke rooms mean scalability

It's very unlikely that all the 250 rooms at Generator Hotel will be turned to karaoke rooms. Nevertheless, karaoke serves as a good option until travelling returns to normal, and has trememdous potentials.

Karaoke is a relatively low barrier option ... Singa is an amazing platform and tool to generate positive social engagement in a safe way! We have it installed at our hotel and the guests absolutely love to be able to sing the night away in their private karaoke rooms. (Brent Gibbs, GM of Generator Hotel Stockholm)

"Karaoke is a relatively low barrier option" as Brent Gibbs, the General Manager of Generator in Stockholm, put it. That claim can certainly be backed by numbers as the average spending on a single booking covers a monthly cost of a Singa Business Pro subscription (1 495-1 995 sek/month).

Besides, Singa karaoke is effortless to set up: the whole Singa Business Pro system runs on an iPad. All else that one will need are: a TV, speaker(s), as well as some furniture and interior decoration. And voilĂ , the karaoke room is ready! Hotels have a great head-start in this matter, too, as most hotel rooms are already equipped with some sort of a TV screen.

Throughout the course of operation, one will soon realize that thanks to the Singa Business Pro's intuitive interface, the karaoke system requires barely any management effort by the hotel staff, and is easy, if not a joy, for the guests (first time user included) to use.

And that's how hotel rooms turned into dashing bustling karaoke rooms

If you would like to have a karaoke room in your hotel, you might want to check out this blog for answers to the most frequently asked questions about karaoke rooms also.

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