For many, summer is the best time of the year: endless scoops of ice cream, picnics and barbecues, feet in the sand, carefree summer nights, friends, crushes, beaches, and good music.

At Singa, we came up with a karaoke list of more or less recent summer music that makes this flaming season oh so much hotter 😎 In addition to our curated list of top summer songs, search and find any songs you want to sing with Singa here.

Top summer songs to boost sunny vibes

man jumping into pool during summer party

10. Despacito – Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee

Sing karaoke version of Despacito here.

Still Despacito? Yas! Since 2017 you haven’t been able to escape this song, especially in the summer. One good reason might be that there are at least seven official versions and a couple of more other variations of it. The Bieber remix, along with the original, is the most popular one. So, get that tongue rolling in Spanish.

9. Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

Sing karaoke version of Blinding Lights here.

Are you ready to loosen up? Blinding Lights with its tremendous synth sounds is the perfect song to chill and reach that let-loose mode – a great song to set yourself free. Just make sure you won’t get blinded by those lights.

8. Kiss Me More – Doja Cat, SZA

Sing karaoke version of Kiss Me More here.

In the summertime, things can sometimes escalate quickly. Singer-rapper Doja Cat said in a recent interview: “I wanted to make a song about kissing. I just thought it would be cute. That doesn’t happen too often, but just a song that’s solely about kissing.” Well, it worked.

7. Zitti e buoni – Måneskin

Sing karaoke version of Zitti e buoni here.

If you’re looking for that explosive rock song to sing, here you have it. It’s the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 winner which quickly became a worldwide hit. Thanks to that, Måneskin's several other songs have also entered global charts. We hope your Italian is sharp – the lyrics of this song run fast.

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6. Leave the Door Open – Silk Sonic, Anderson Paak, Bruno Mars

Sing karaoke version of Leave the Door Open here.  

Leave the Door Open is one of those über sultry songs. It should work well for regular summer activities, such as flirting and chirpsing. And who knows, someone might leave that door open after you sing this song.

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5. Good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

Sing karaoke version of Good 4 u here

The third single from Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album, Good 4 u, is a catchy song you can not but sing. It must be the electric guitars and drums! What's a summer playlist anyway without a teen emo angst directed toward your former lover?

4. Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

Sing karaoke version of Shape of You here.

The distinctive rhythmic beats in Ed Sheeran’s hit song are hypnotizing – a perfect mating season anthem. This earworm of a pop song is sure a must-have on any summer party song list.

3. Levitating – Dua Lipa, DaBaby

Sing karaoke version of Levitating here.

Elevate your summer vacation with this song! Filled with outer space related references, this delightful and upbeat nu-disco tune should get you floating in the air. Also, get ready to channel your inner rapper.  

2. Rain on Me – Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande

Sing karaoke version of Rain on Me here.

Water keep you going during this hottest summer known to humankind. Rain on Me is that refreshing and invigorating dew. We bet you can’t resist bouncing when you sing the chorus.

1. Butter – BTS

Sing a karaoke version of Butter here.

“Hot like summer…” 🎶 BTS’s Butter is the ultimate summer karaoke song this year. Those South Korean boys sure know how to sing and jig to this breezy, retro-inspired happy song. If this danceable tune doesn't make you melt, we don’t know what will.

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