For decades, one of the greatest concepts in popular music has been “the girl group”. And the resulting sound – blended harmonies, catchy lyrics and instant nostalgia – tends to last for generations. Which is why girl group karaoke is such a great idea for your next night out. Experience the fun and fearless force of girl power with your BFFs, and start with our list of the five most iconic girl group songs:

1. Spice Girls – Wannabe

The ultimate Girl Power! track, the Spice Girls were instantly iconic because they each embodied a unique persona – something most girlfriend groups can relate to. “Wannabe”, and it’s incredibly nostalgic 90’s music video, is a karaoke staple for a reason. Sing Spice Girls – Wannabe karaoke here.

2. The Supremes – Stop! In the Name of Love

The ORIGINAL girl group, Diana Ross and the Supremes set the standard for harmonies that women of this generation can still appreciate. Not too many tracks from the 1960s, with a chorus that everybody can recite by heart, can get a group of modern karaoke queens together like this one. Sing The Supremes Stop! In the Name of Love karaoke here.

3. Destiny's Child – Say My Name

Beyoncé and the girls could’ve easily walked away after dropping this anti-cheating anthem in 1999 – and we’re eternally grateful they didn’t! Featuring catchy lyrics and slick production, this song is a must for girls’-night-out-karaoke. Chances are: you, your girlfriends, and everyone else in the room already know every, single word. Sing Destiny´s – Say My Name karaoke here.

4. BLACKPINK – Ice Cream (Featuring Selena Gomez)

Is there anything hotter than K-Pop right now? How about K-Pop with a side of Selena? “Ice Cream”, a killer track from the instantly iconic Korean foursome, is the perfect mix of trap, electro and bubble-gum pop, with catchy hooks that are sure to hype up your audience. Sing BLACKPINK – Ice Cream karaoke here.

5. Little Mix – Shout Out to My Ex

Adding a little mix of Little Mix to any karaoke night is always a good idea. The fan-favorite British boppers have a ton of hits about love, equality and body positivity, but it’s their most popular empowerment anthem, “Shout Out to My Ex”, that spreads the message: boyfriends come and go, but girlfriends are forever. Sing Little Mix – Shout Out to My Ex karaoke here.

There you have it! Five positively iconic girl group songs to sing at karaoke with your friends. For more Girl Group Karaoke ideas, check out our exclusive playlist here.