Dua Lipa is known for her 80s and 90s-inspired pop music, captivating lyrics, and striking electronic hits. Over the years, she's quickly become a pop sensation, releasing chart-climbing hits year after year and stealing the hearts of pop lovers everywhere. Whether you're out at the bars or listening to the radio on your commute, you can feel confident you'll hear at least one Dua Lipa song.

If you're obsessed with her melodies and want to take on a Dua Lipa solo during your next karaoke night - you've come to the right place.

We created a list of the top 10 Dua Lipa songs you can consider next time you take the stage. This list is based on data we collected from all of the global karaoke singing sessions of Singa users.

The top 10 Dua Lipa Karaoke songs

The most popular Dua Lipa karaoke songs, the y axis shows play count and the x axis shows song names.

1. Levitating

Did you know Levitating was the most-streamed song in the United States in 2021? The single was featured on Dua Lipa's second studio album. It's won countless awards, including the #1 single for Favorite Songs of 2020 by Cosmopolitan and the #1 Best Song of 2020 by Herald Sun.

Sing Levitating karaoke here.

2. One Kiss


Do you have what it takes to take on One Kiss on your own? This song features Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris. It's known and loved for its upbeat, funky disco beat and positive vibes. The lyrics to One Kiss are simple and easy to follow, making this a painless song to take on at your next karaoke night.

Sing One Kiss karaoke here.

3. Dance The Night

Dance the night away on stage or with your friends while singing your favorite Dua Lipa number. This hit is arguably one of Dua Lipa's most popular songs, and for good reason! The single was released in 2023 for the film Barbie. In 2023, Dance the Night was nominated for Best Pop, Best Choreography, and Song of Summer for the MTV Video Music Awards.

Sing Dance The Night karaoke here.

4. New Rules

New Rules was offered to countless artists before landing in the hands of Dua Lipa. This is hard to believe because once you hear the lyrics, you know the song was made for her. New Rules was later nominated for the British Single of the Year in 2018 and peaked at #9 on the US Dance Club Songs billboard.

Sing New Rules karaoke here.

5. Don't Start Now

Did you know Don't Start Now is Dua Lipa's highest-charting single in the United States? The song is known for its dance, electronic vibe, and catchy lyrics. If you're looking for a beginner-friendly karaoke song to sing, this is a great choice to take on.

Sing Don't Start Now karaoke here.

6. Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)

Experience the best of both worlds with an Elton John and Dua Lipa duet. Cold Heart is a popular electro pop number that quickly climbed the charts globally after its release in 2021. This is a great Dua Lipa karaoke song to sing a fun-filled duet with a friend on stage.

Sing Cold Heart karaoke here.

7. Physical

The song Physical was inspired by the 1983 film Flashdance. While the song has only peaked at 60 on the US Billboard 100, it's claimed #3 on the UK Singles and #1 in various European countries.

Sing Physical karaoke here.

8. Love Again

In her hit single Love Again, Dua Lipa samples "My Woman" by Al Bowlly. While the melody is upbeat, the song explores themes of heartbreak and the beauty of falling in love after one love ends.

Sing Love Again karaoke here.

9. Idgaf

If you didn't know, Dua Lipa started her singing career covering songs on her YouTube channel. What she didn't know then was she would later go on to sing Billboard 100 hits like Idgaf, One Kiss, Levitating, and more. Idgaf debuted on Dua Lipa's first studio album in 2017. The post-breakup lyrics and the upbeat melody really pack a punch when singing Dua Lipa karaoke on stage.

Sing Idgaf karaoke here.

10. No Lie

No Lie is sung by Sean Paul and Dua Lipa. It's known for its upbeat reggae vibe and tropical pop tune. The song was popular in Europe, reaching the top 10 charts in over seven countries. If you're looking for a fun-filled duet for your next karaoke night, this is the perfect Dua Lipa karaoke song.

Sing No Lie karaoke here.

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