Who doesn’t love Dolly? Seriously, is there anyone? When the Queen of Country isn’t helping to save the world (she contributed $1 million to the funding of the very first Moderna vaccine during the early year of COVID-19), she’s busy writing, by her own estimation, thousands of songs ranging from bluegrass, gospel, classic country, and now even rock and roll. Universally beloved, incomprehensibly talented… it’s only natural that people would want to sing her catalogue during karaoke, one iconic song at a time.

At Singa, we have collected the song plays from our users across the world to find the most popular Dolly Parton songs for karaoke.

10 best Dolly Parton karaoke songs

Graphic showing the 10 most popular Dolly Parton songs by song play.

1. Jolene

One of the greatest songs ever written, “Jolene” is classic country personified: a woman afraid that some beautiful, auburn-haired temptress might steal her man away just because. It’s simply composed and has a great rhythm that just about everybody recognizes from the first chord. Definitely a karaoke sing-along for the ages.

Sing Jolene karaoke here.

2. 9 To 5

This song might have one of the most recognizable intros in history. From the movie of the same name (which happened to be Dolly’s acting debut), “9 To 5” is a catchy earworm of a theme song, instantly quotable and lyrically relatable. Put this on during a packed karaoke house and you’ll have EVERYBODY screaming that iconic chorus.

Sing 9 To 5 karaoke here.

3. Islands In the Stream

Major country-duet schmaltz reached new levels in 1983 when Dolly and Kenny Rogers sang this corny ballad that has withstood the test of time. A massive karaoke staple, “Islands in the Stream” is a wistful, slow-burn of a track that commands attention and invites everyone to sing along. It’s the perfect song for a duetting couple.

Sing Islands In the Stream karaoke here.

4. Country Road

Dolly loves to write songs about being the underdog. “I’ll never be a fast lane lover; I’m just a country road that you keep turning down”, can you imagine turning down Dolly Parton? This track from 1991 is a contemplative anti-love song that is idea for a karaoke pro who’s just had their heart broken.

Sing Country Road karaoke here.

5. I Will Always Love You

Before Whitney Houston turned it into the biggest ballad of the 1990s, Dolly wrote “I Will Always Love You” in 1973 (allegedly, on the same afternoon she also wrote “Jolene”) about her parting ways with mentor Porter Wagoner to go solo. And the decision was a good one, because this tear-jerking jukebox staple went on to cement Dolly as a formidable force in Nashville and beyond. If you’re singing Dolly’s version at karaoke, remember that it’s less restrained than Whitney’s but just as moving if done properly.

Sing I Will Always Love You karaoke here.

6. Here You Come Again

Another classic Dolly song, “Here You Come Again” represents one of the best, most uplifting tracks in her repertoire––and one of the few that she didn’t write herself. Instead, this 1977 bop marked the start of Dolly’s crossover from country to country-pop…perfect for the Swifties who run out of Taylor tracks to sing on stage.

Sing Here You Come Again For karaoke here.

7. Coat of Many Colors

This 1971 slow-tempo, autobiographical tale of Dolly’s humble beginnings recounts the time she received a colorful coat her momma had made from old rags. And while it doesn’t sound like much of a description, the lyrics and melodies on “Coat of Many Colors” can still bring a tear to the toughest eyes in the whole joint.

Sing Coat of Many Colors karaoke here.

8. Hard Candy Christmas

With the exception of Mariah, nobody does contemporary Christmas music like Dolly. In fact, this is one of the few country yuletide jams that manages to get everybody on their feet. Perfect for that Christmas party turned karaoke session.

Sing Hard Candy Christmas karaoke here.

9. When You Tell Me That You Love Me

Another of Dolly’s underrated soft rock duets, she tackled this swooning romantic ballad with Julio Iglesias in 1994, and left no crumbs. The heart-melting melody make it a must-try for his-and-her karaoke partners.

Sing When You Tell Me That You Love Me karaoke here.

10. To Know Him Is To Love Him

Originally written by Phil Spector in 1958, this track became a minor hit for Dolly, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt when it came out on their 1987 album, Trio. It features lush instrumentation and Emmylou’s breathy harmonies––a real sad one. But a beautiful sad one. Try this one out with a couple of karaoke girlfriends next time.

Sing To Know Him Is To Love Him karaoke here.

There you have it! The 10 most popular Dolly Parton songs to try at karaoke. If you plan to host a karaoke night with your friends or family at home (or just love singing on your own), you'll need reliable karaoke software like Singa. Our user-friendly interface seamlessly connects with TVs, phones, and tablets––so you can get the party started in any room in your home.