O Holy Night! The beautiful season of Christmas is here — let us sing to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ ❤️ For your Christian Christmas songs karaoke, we listed some of the most beloved Christmas hymns with links to the karaoke versions with lyrics.

There is a great variety of gospel Christmas music, religious Christmas music, and Christian Christmas carols to sing during the Christmas time, so we selected 10 beautiful options for your Christmas karaoke singing. Singing Christmas carols is a lovely way to spread the spirit of Christmas and rejoice with your loved ones, whether you're singing on your own, with family and friends, or with a bigger group. So let your voice out!

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10 beautiful religious Christmas karaoke songs

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1. Silent Night

Sing Silent Night karaoke here.
Sing Silent Night Frank Sinatra version here.

A beloved Christmas carol from 1818. Light up a candle in the night, and sing to the calmness of the Christmas night — all is well, the Savior is born! Silent Night has been versioned by several artists and choirs, here's few for you to try.

2. O Holy Night

Sing O Holy Night karaoke here.
Sing O Holy Night Celine Dion version karaoke here.
Sing O Holy Night Leona Lewis version karaoke here.

Another graceful and moving Christmas song about the birth of Jesus from the 19th century. O Holy Night is originally based on a French poem and is, as well, is versioned by many artists — Celine Dion, Leona Lewis, Josh Groban, Mariah Carey... here are few versions for you to try! Find more karaoke versions from Singa.

3. Joy to the World

Sing Joy To The World karaoke here.

This joyful Christmas carol, written by English hymnwriter and a priest Isaac Watts, dates all the way back to 1719. As it says in the song — Heaven and nature sing!

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4. Angels We Have Heard On High

Sing Angels We Have Heard On High karaoke here.

In excelsis Deo! The glorious song based to the Gospel of Luke. Release your voice and let the long gloria's fill the room with Christmas spirit. Sing to the glory!

5. We Three Kings

Sing We three kings karaoke here.

An American Christmas Carol about the three kings following the star of Betlehem.

An American Christmas Carol about the three kings following the star of Betlehem

6. O Come, All ye Faithful

Sing O Come, All ye Faithful karaoke here.

O come! Let us adore Him! A monumental Christmas carol, originally based on a Latin text. Sing as a choir, sing with a friend, or sing on your own.

7. O Little Town of Betlehem

Sing O Little Town of Betlehem karaoke here.

A traditional, popular Christmas carol for the town of Betlehem, the birth city of the Savior.

8. The First Noel

Sing The First Noel karaoke here.

The Christmas song that might easily fill your eyes with tears. The beautiful Christmas song is versioned by amazing vocalists such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, but it is definitely a song of choice for anyone regardless of if you have vocal skills of Mariah and Whitney or not ❤️

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9. O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Sing O Come, O Come Emmanuel karaoke here.

Sing and rejoice with this peaceful Christian hymn with a poetic text and traditional hymn melody that is rooted to more than 1000 years back in history.

10. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Sing Hark! The Herald Angels Sing here.

A cheerful and happy song for your Christmas carol karaoke. A popular English hymn and Christmas song to sing for the birth of the King of Kings!

I hope you enjoyed this list of religious and Christian Christmas karaoke songs!
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Merry Christmas! 🎶