Blue Monday is on the 20th January 2020, and is unofficially, officially, the most depressing day of the year. Why? Because everyone is feeling the come down of the Christmas holidays, their jeans are most probably tighter and their wallets definitely lighter. All combined with the reality of being back in the office, well, you can see why it might be the bluest Monday of the year.

Cheer up your customers, literally!

Luckily, Singa is here to help you brighten Blue Monday for your customers. How? With singing, of course! Singing is good for the soul, it cheers everyone up, and not just those that are singing, but the people around them too! It's a fact and we can prove it.

Singing is just like exercise

Ok, so maybe it doesn't burn quite as many calories as a gym session but in the same way that exercise releases feel good endorphins, singing does too! Studies such as this one have shown that singing is a stress reliever which lowers anxiety and makes us feel overall happier! Singing automatically makes us breath deeper and longer and encourages good posture and muscle tension, all things that will help lift our mood.

Singing makes you concentrate

Have you ever found yourself in deep thought whilst belting out your favourite song in the shower? Probably not and that's because, whether you are aware of it or not, singing actually makes you concentrate. That means you and your mind get a break from the stresses and worries of every day life and when in a better mood, everything may not seem so bad.

So whilst your customers may be feeling blue and not wanting to leave the house in the miserable month of January, a good old karaoke night will help spread some cheer. We promise it'll be good for everyone ;-)

Need help with getting karaoke started for your venue? We can have you set up in no time. Contact us here.