Why doesn't every movie theater organize karaoke parties like this all the time?

This very relevant question came from a singer who had just made her big screen karaoke debut in one of the biggest cinemas in Helsinki, Finland. The answer is simple: not a lot of cinemas know that there's a product out there that can transform a theater into a jaw-dropping karaoke experience by connecting a few cables and pushing a button. The solution also works for any venue with a big screen like Hotels or other hospitality businesses.

What is this magical apparatus? You guessed it, it's Singa Business. But before going deeper into the product, here's a couple of examples of big screen karaoke parties for your inspiration.

Karaoke party at Iron Sky: The Coming Race World Premiere

karaoke party at Iron sky

Right after the world had the pleasure of enjoying the long awaited sequel to the sci-fi comedy Iron Sky for the first time, it was time for another premiere. The focus point of the after party was an epic big screen karaoke using custom made background videos that the film crew had prepared for this special occasion.  

The state-of-the-art audio equipment together with the gigantic screen creates a karaoke experience like no other. And as always in karaoke, the people make the party. Movie fans, actors and the film staff belted out their favorites until the wee hours of the night.

Private Cinema & Karaoke in the heart of Brussels

private cinema with karaoke

Qbic Hotel in Brussels offers a unique combo of cinema and karaoke that is both extremely fun and safe to spend a night with friends. The fancy cinema room is available for exclusive hire for up to 10 people in a social distanced set up. This might be the coolest karaoke booth ever.

Big Screen Karaoke at Ruishelmi music festival

big screen karaoke in music festival

Ruisrock - one of the biggest and most legendary music festivals in Northern Europe celebrated their 50th anniversary year with an indoor mini festival that had, of course, Singa karaoke on a big screen at a movie theater. For two days, festival goers sang their hearts out in between and during big artists' playing in the next room.

So, how about that magical karaoke apparatus then?

Ok then. Singa Business is our solution for commercial use at restaurants, nightclubs, libraries, schools, festivals and now for cinemas as well. It's an easy-to-use iPad app that can be used to play over 80 000 high-quality karaoke songs and stunning 4K background videos while handling background music and display advertising at the same time.

karaoke host view
Singa Business Pro is a simple iPad app that can be connected to any screen and audio system.

A really cool feature for movie theaters and venues alike is that people can browse the song library and request songs directly from their phones with the Singa consumer app. The Singa consumer app is free to download and it works on all Apple and Android products. So no need for physical songbooks anymore. Singers will also get notification about their place in the queue so they can go and buy a drink without fear of missing their time on stage.

If you're running a movie theater and looking for new revenue streams and exciting events for you customers, drop us a line at at sales@singabusiness.com or visit Singa Business. Let's make it happen!