The World Cup is just around the corner, a celebration filled with passion, dreams, inspiration and uniting countries all over the world. It's not only for football fans and Ultras, but for you, your friends, your family and even your neighbour. The World Cup brings people together, and to be honest also gives you amazing songs to listen, dance and sing to for years (Just think of Waka Waka with Shakira) and what other thing units people more than football? MUSIC!

Here's 15 World Cup songs to sing during the World Cup. We promise you it's to hard not to dance and sing to these songs:

1. Waka Waka (This time for Africa) – Shakira

One of the most known World Cup song from the South African World Cup 2010. You still hear people singing it! And who doesn't remember the dance moves?

Sing "Waka Waka" on Singa

2. Wavin' flag – K'naan

A pure masterpiece! It gives us the courage to be stronger and the beauty of football that unites the entire world regardless of ethnicity, nationality and faith.

Sing "Wavin' flag" on Singa

3. Live it up – Nicky Jam feat. Will Smith & Era Istrefi

Who can listen to this song without dancing? A real banger during the World Cup 2018 and still on our playlists.

4. We are One (Ole Ola) – Pitbull feat. Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte

Because of course a football song needs the "Ole Ola". We love the beat, the rhythm, Claudias verse and Pitbull's dance moves.

Sing "We Are One (Ole Ola) on Singa

5. Colors – Jason Derulo

Represent your country and your culture, and what better way to represent it than with Colors. And flags! What would a World Cup be without all the different colors? A very boring and uninspired one.

Sing "Colors" on Singa

6. Arhbo – Ozuna & GIMS

If you combine one great artist from Puerto Rico and one great artist from Congo – this is what you get, an ultimate football banger.

7. La Copa de la Vida – Ricky Martin

Such a Nostalgic World Cup song, and to be honest a very motivating one as well. This really get you inspired.

Sing "La Copa de la Vida" on Singa

8. The World is Ours – Alec Blacc x David Correy

A true World Cup Anthem. It's inspiring, beautiful and gives you goosebumps.

Sing " The World is Ours" on Singa

9. Magic in the Air – Magic System

Iconic song. You just feel like going to a game when singing this. Feel the magic!

10. Dar um jeito (We Will Find a Way) – Santana & Wyclef feat. Avicii & Alexandre Pires

One of the most under-appreciated FIFA World Cups song out there. Feel the beat and the rhythm.

Sing "Dar um jeito" on Singa

11. The Time of Our Lives – II Divo & Toni Braxton

A very powerful song that gives you the feeling of dreams, victory and passion. This song really captures the beauty of the sport and emotions that runs with it.

12. La La La – Shakira feat. Carlinhos Brown

For Brazil 2014 but an amazing song for us non Brazilians as well. Shakira really knows how to make a World Cup banger.

Sing "La La La" on Singa

13. Yet to come (Hyundai version) – BTS

Such a happy and hopeful song. A song that brings people together. Let's join forces and unite, just like the power of football. How a whole nation comes together when your team wins and score goals.

14. Haaya Haaya (Better together) – Trinidad Cardona, Davido and Aisha

A new one to the mix and a song about how music and football can unite the world. Isn't this so wonderful?

Sing "Haaya Haaya" on Singa

15. Gloryland – Daryl Hall feat. Sounds of Blackness

Expressed celebration and happiness. You get a feeling that you'll dream will come true... And your favourite World Cup team scores goals.

Voila! This is our list of the best World Cup songs. Now it's time for you to put on your favourite football jersey, invite your favourite football friends and sing and dance your hearts out! Don't forget the Waka Waka dance moves!

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