If you own a bar, nightclub, restaurant, or venue - you've likely considered hosting weekly karaoke nights or adding in self-service karaoke or karaoke rooms for an extra revenue boost. Adding karaoke to your establishment can be a great way to attract new customers and is relatively easy. All you need to do is find the perfect place for the set-up, market to your current customers, and invite everyone to start singing along to their favorite songs.

However, there are a few things you'll need to consider before investing in the best karaoke machines on the market.

We're here to walk you through the options available for karaoke machines, so you can weigh the pros and cons and find the best karaoke solution for your bar or venue.

Here's everything you need to know about professional karaoke machines:

Should you get a karaoke machine or make your own set-up?

Karaoke machines are a great affordable plug-and-play solution for bars and venues. They can be a great go-to solution for businesses and individuals looking to get set up with a temporary karaoke solution relatively quickly. However, it's not the best (or only) option you have available.

In most cases, it is best to work with an AV professional and build your own karaoke set-up for your venue. This will ensure you create the best professional karaoke experience for your customers.

Graphic showing a professional karaoke set-up. It goes over the various items required and the how they are interconnected.

Karaoke machines often lack the customization needed to attract new customers and create a fun-filled experience. They don't have any of the additional features of subscription-based karaoke systems, don't offer any integrations, and can end up being a costly investment in the long run.

However, if you aren't sold on adding a fully customized set-up to your venue, bar, or restaurant - it's okay to start small with a singing karaoke machine and customize your solutions later.

Woman pointing at the camera, while people sing karaoke in the background on a stage.

Karaoke machines are a great "first step" for anyone looking to set up karaoke rooms, private karaoke sessions, or self-service karaoke. However, if you're looking for live-stage karaoke, a karaoke machine may not be a viable solution for your venue.

What to look for in a karaoke machine?

When looking for the best karaoke machine, you'll want to consider an affordable, functional, and versatile option that accommodates the space you plan to host karaoke sessions. Even though karaoke machines are a one time setup investment with an easy setup, they aren’t always the best option.

Self-service karaoke machine at Kraken bar in Helsinki, Finland.
Self-service karaoke at Kraken, Helsinki 

As mentioned above - a karaoke machine should always be a temporary solution, not a permanent one. If you want to have full-fledged karaoke nights and start attracting a crowd to your venue, you'll need a custom set-up with all the bells and whistles you need to keep your customers entertained all night. As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases.

What is the best professional karaoke machine?

1. ION Audio Party Rocker Max

Product photo of ION Audio Party Rocker Max karaoke machine.

The Audio Party Rocker Max is a portable singing karaoke machine with 100 watts of dynamic power. It comes with a high-quality microphone and features dual microphone input, so you don't need to worry about that unwanted echoing effect getting in the way of the experience.


  • Long battery life - over 75 hours of playtime
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity that can connect to iPhones, tablets, and computers
  • Playful LED colors


  • Not the best sound quality compared to other options on the. market
  • Smaller than other options, 11 x 15 x 20.4 inches
  • Doesn't have a professional look or feel, which can be off-putting in a business setting

Pricing: Available on Amazon for $228.99

2. Rybozen Wireless Microphone Karaoke Mixer System

Rybozen Wireless Microphone Karaoke Mixer System for karaoke machines

The Rybozen Mixer System features 2 handheld wireless microphones with a range of up to 100 feet. It's easy to use and compatible with most technology, like computers, TVs, tablets, and phones.

With this karaoke machine, you must invest in a speaker, Bluetooth-connected device, TV, and a karaoke software solution like Singa. This ensures you have everything to create a karaoke system for your venue. This set-up is ideal for small get-togethers and at-home karaoke.


  • Can be customized to suit your needs
  • Comes with two wireless microphones perfect for duets and singalongs


  • Somewhat outdated set-up and configurations
  • Some customers struggle with connectivity problems

Pricing: Available on Amazon for $99.99

3. TONOR Wireless Karaoke Machine

Product image of TONOR Wireless Karaoke Machine.

The TONOR karaoke machine has everything you need for a fun-filled karaoke session. This set-up features an 8" subwoofer and two 3" tweeters. This karaoke machine also has two wireless microphones, an LED light, a tablet holder, and a fun disco ball to help get the party started. The light attached moves and blinks to the sound of the music being sung, so you can always expect an interactive experience.


  • Each wireless microphone features up to 12 hours of battery life
  • Easily connects to any smartphone or device


  • Relatively expensive for a temporary solution
  • Not the best sound quality for the price

Pricing: Available on Amazon for $231.99

4. VeGue Karaoke Machine

The VeGue karaoke machine is a Bluetooth speaker PA system with an 8" subwoofer and 3" tweeter. This highly-rated professional karaoke machine is perfect for big groups, karaoke rooms, and temporary setups for weekday karaoke nights. The setup has two microphones but can hold up to four at once. It comes with one 3.5mm to RCA cable, one 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable, and a remote. This machine also has up to eight hours of playtime when fully charged. It's lightweight, portable, and affordable. The perfect beginner professional karaoke machine setup for your establishment.


  • Great for small parties, outdoor events, and karaoke rooms
  • Weighs less than 25 pounds
  • Built-in Bluetooth


  • Other karaoke machines that are available at the same price have a longer battery life
  • Some users struggle with connectivity and performance issues

Pricing: Available on Amazon for $199.99

5. MASINGO Karaoke Machine

Professional Karaoke Machine with Lyrics Display Screen for Adults, 2 Wireless Microphones, LED Lights, Bluetooth Portable PA Speaker System with Upgraded Built in 15" Tablet & WiFi, Allegro X8 2.0

This professional karaoke machine has everything you need to impress customers and host karaoke nights. This setup has a built-in touch-screen tablet, so you don't need to worry about purchasing a tablet separately. It also has seven playback modes and a 40-watt Bluetooth speaker. Not only does the setup come with two high-end microphones, but it also has an AUX cable, a charging cable, and a remote control.


  • Comes with a 60-day warranty
  • Features two premium cordless microphones
  • Has fun music magic features you can play with


  • Higher upfront cost than other karaoke machines
  • Some issues have experienced connectivity issues
  • The rechargeable battery only lasts three hours

Pricing: Available on Amazon for $699.99

6. RHM Karaoke Machine

RHM Karaoke Machine for Live Streaming with Remote Control,HD Stereo Sound with 10 Sound Effects,Support for Extra Microphone/Guitar,8 Hours Playtime,6 LED Lights,Bluetooth/TWS/USB/TF/AUX for Party

The RHM Karaoke machine is the perfect "starter" setup. It has one rechargeable microphone, a built-in 5.25” subwoofer, and a 2” tweeter. This karaoke machine is extremely lightweight, weighing less than 10 pounds. It's portable and easy to carry, making it the perfect low-cost option for temporary setups or theme nights. If you're looking for an affordable option so you test the waters with weekly karaoke nights at your bar or restaurant, this is the perfect option for you.


  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • Portable and affordable
  • Eight hours of playtime and six LED lights


  • Not ideal if you plan on making karaoke a regular occasion at your establishment
  • Only comes with one microphone

Pricing: Available on Amazon for $99.99

7. JYX Karaoke Machine

JYX Karaoke Machine with Two Wireless Microphones, Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Bass/Treble Adjustment, PA System with Remote Control, LED Lights,Supports TF Card/USB, AUX IN, FM, REC,TWS for Party

This multi-function karaoke machine has HD stereo sound quality, a 5.25” subwoofer, and a 2” tweeter. After fully charged, you can enjoy six to eight hours of playback time. If you're looking for an even bigger setup for your space, you can invest in two and connect both through Bluetooth for the ultimate karaoke setup. This professional karaoke machine comes with two high-end microphones and a remote control. It can also connect with tablets, computers, TVs, and most smartphone devices.


  • Affordable
  • Over six different colorful disco lights
  • Weighs less than nine pounds


  • Some users experience performance and connectivity issues
  • Not ideal for large groups or large rooms

Pricing: Available on Amazon for $125.45

8. FTSK210-1 DSP Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

FPSK-1 DSP Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with Wireless Microphones, Portable PA System Support Live Streaming - as Projector Speaker with Sound Effect/DJ Lights/FM/Digital Recording

Take your karaoke nights to the next level with the FTSK210-1DSP. This high-end, professional karaoke machine has everything to host fun-filled karaoke nights. The setup has two karaoke microphones and 4-6 hours of playback time on a full charge. It has a long-stroke subwoofer and an iron shed tweeter, delivering next-level sound with every use.


  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Plug-and-play functionality


  • Not as loud as other professional karaoke machines. You may need two speakers for bigger rooms or parties.
  • Heavier than other setups and weighs around 30 pounds. Which is something to be mindful of if you're moving it frequently.

Pricing: Available on Amazon for $149.99

Take your karaoke nights to the next level with Singa

No matter what custom set-up or karaoke machine you have: you need software like Singa. Singa is the complete karaoke experience. It provides instant access to thousands of songs at their fingertips. Our karaoke software ensures your customers can have a full-fledged karaoke night at your venue with no interruptions.

Interface image of Singa Karaoke for Business song selection.

If you're ready to revamp the experience for your customers, you've come to the right place.

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