Boo! It's that time of the year all of us been waiting for since the first signs of autumn were in the air. Or - to be honest - us Halloween lovers have been waiting since last October, right? It's the time when mummies, ghosts, zombies, vampires, skeletons, and Harley Quinns get out of their caves for their time to shine - it's Halloween! Get ready with your best costumes, pumpkins, scary jokes, and of course - Halloween karaoke songs on Singa.

The best Halloween karaoke songs

Get ready to scream. Here's a list of songs, during which you can liberate your scream, while munching on pumpkin-spiced everything.  

Scream encouraging Halloween karaoke singers to "Scream your heart out".

1. Black Magic - Little Mix

Sing Black Magic karaoke here.

While it may not be the spookiest song on this list, it as a great pop bop all about magic that will have everyone singing along!

2. Zombie - The Cranberries

Sing Zombie karaoke here.

A perfect karaoke song for any time of the year, but even better for Halloween. Bonus points if you sing it dressed as a zombie yourself.

3. The Monster - Eminem, Rihanna

Sing Monster karaoke here.

What's more Halloween than Monsters?

4. I Put a Spell on You - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Sing I Put a Spell on You karaoke here.

Made famous by the classic movie Hocus Pocus, I Put a Spell on You captures the spirit of Halloween karaoke camp.

5. Bury a Friend - Billie Eilish

Sing the karaoke version of Bury a Friend here.

This Billie Eilish song is full of mysterious sounds that create the perfect eery atmosphere for Halloween parties. And the lyrics? Why aren't you scared of me?
Try this song and watch your Halloween parties go though the roof!

6. Smile - Nat King Cole

Sing Smile karaoke here.

This beautiful swing classic was recently made (extra) famous by the Joker movie, which gave the song a wholly new vibe. Extra suitable to be sang with Joker, Batman, or Harley Quinn costume!

6. People are Strange - The Doors

Sing People are Strange karaoke here.

A spooky and cooky song that perfectly captures the energy of Halloween.

7. Fifth Harmony - I’m in Love with a Monster

Sing I'm in Love with a Monster karaoke here.  

You don't have to fear monsters, you can also love them with this pop hit.

8. Jam (Turn It Up) - Kim Kardashian

Sing Jam (Turn It Up) karaoke here.

A nearly 5 minute song that will make the audience feel like they're trapped in hell eternally! What could be a more sinister Halloween song?

9. Thriller - Michael Jackson

Sing Thriller karaoke here.

Probablly, the first song that comes to mind when you think Halloween karaoke. You can't go wrong with this classic song.

10. She Wolf - Shakira

Sing She Wolf karaoke here.

Everyone has a she-wolf in the closest, let here free on the stage!

11. The Phantom of the Opera - The Phantom of the Opera

Sing the Phantom of the Opera here.

A great Halloween karaoke duet for the more theatrical friends in the group.

12. Magic - B.o.B

Sing Magic karaoke here.

Look I know this is the second generic karaoke song about magic I put on this list. But... it is such a good song!

13. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.

Sing Ghostbusters karaoke here.

Another Halloween retro classic. Definitely the first song I'm gonna call!

14. Haunted - Taylor Swift

Sing Haunted karaoke here.

Every karaoke list needs something for the Swifties to sing!

What's your favorite karaoke song for Halloween? Let us know on our Instagram! Happy Halloween and happy singing!