French language music has always been famous for powerful and romantic ballads, but it has also seen a rise in popularity for its rising hip-hop and R&B scene. Along with the power of French culture, it makes sense that French is an incredibly popular language for karaoke.

We've collected a list of the most popular French karaoke songs, sung by Singa karaoke users across the world. Use this list for inspiration at your next karaoke night, or sing them yourself at home to practice your french.

The best karaoke songs in French:

1. La Vie En Rose – Édith Pilaf

Piaf's La Vie En Rose is a beautiful ballad that brings tears to the eyes of all who listen. The song has defined itself as one of the most iconic French songs throughout the world. There are countless covers and performances of the song, making it a French karaoke hit.

Sing La Vie En Rose karaoke here.

2. Voyage Voyage – Desireless

An 80's French Synth Pop song that took the world by storm. Release on her first studio album Voyage Voyage, made Desireless a global hit over night. It's the perfect karaoke song to get people to sing along.

Sing Desireless karaoker here.

3. Non Je Ne Regrette Rien – Édith Pilaf

A favorite song of Hollywood, appearing in movies and series from Madgascar 3 to the new Wednesday series. It's a great triumpant ballad to perform.

Sing Non Je Ne Regrette Rien karaoke here.

4. Alors On Danse – Stromae

An iconic dance and club song that still get's played as often today as it did during its release in 2010. It is sure to bring the party to karaoke and get everyone dancing.

Sing Alors On Danse karaoke here.

5. La Bohème – Charles Aznavour

An incredible ballad that will always remain equally impactful in all generations.

Sing La Bohème karaoke here.

6. Je Suis Malade – Lara Fabian

Brilliant and so emotional, this song really lets you explore feelings on pain and loss. Sing it all out with this French power ballad.

Sing Je Suis Malade karaoke here.

7. L'oiseau Et L'enfant – Marie Myriam

This song won the Eurovision trophy for France in 1977. It has since become a incredibly popular song throughout Europe. It's the perfect song to bust out at a Eurovision party or any day really.

Sing L'oiseau Et L'enfant karaoke here.

8. Je T'aime – Laura Fabian

Je T'aime packs and emotional hit. A song loaded with so much tenderness that transports you and your audience to another dimension.

Sing Je T'aime karaoke here.

9. Ne Me Quitte Pas – Jaques Brel

A toned down yet lyrically punchy piano ballad. A French classic worthy of learning word for word.

Sing Ne Me Quitte Pas karaoke here.

10. Et Si Tu N'existais Pas – Joe Dassin

This song radiates 70's French energy. You can imagine yourself walking down the streets of Paris, contemplating your torn feelings over your Parisian lover.

Sing Et Si Tu N'existais Pas karaoke here.

Hope you enjoyed our list of the best French karaoke songs. We are adding more French songs every month and will be sure to update the list as new French karaoke hits come out.

You can check out Singa's full catalogue of French karaoke songs here for more inspiration.