The 90s - a decade filled with a variety of cheesy pop, hip hop music and a number of one hit wonders. Love it or hate it, the 90s delivered songs which I guarantee you will still love singing along to today. With that in mind, at Singa we have put together a list of the best 90s karaoke songs which you can enjoy singing along to. Fancy diving straight in? You can go to our Essential 90's karaoke singlist here.

1. Wonderwall – Oasis

This 1995 classic is the 11th most sung song on Singa. Out of a library of 80,000 songs, trust us when we say, that's a lot of late night sing alongs. "I said maybe, you're going to be the one that saves me..."

Sing Wonderwall karaoke here.

2. I Want it That Way – Backstreet Boys

Tell me why... you wouldn't want to sing this classic. Some would argue it's the best 90's pop song ever made. Hitting number one in a whopping 25 countries worldwide, "I Want it That Way" released in 1999 is bound to get people singing along wherever you are in the world.

Sing I Want it That Way karaoke here.

3. Wannabe – Spice Girls  

I really really really wanna sing 90's karaoke songs. The Spice Girls defined the 90's right? Whether you're baby spice or sporty spice, you'll enjoy singing along to this hit. Girl Power!

Sing Wannabe karaoke here.

4. Hit me Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

Britney Spears "Hit Me Baby One More Time" was a triple platinum selling single and international hit topping the charts in 22 countries worldwide. The catchy lyrics and dance routine (we know you still remember it!) makes it one of the best 90s karaoke songs.

Sing Hit Me Baby One More Time karaoke here.

5. No Scrubs – TLC

A song that struck a chord in the late 90's and two decades later fans are still singing the lyrics "hanging out of the passenger side of his best friends ride." No Scrubs was ranked number 2 on Billboards year end Hot 100 Chart Singles of 1999.

Sing No Scrubs karaoke here.

6. Barbie Girl – Aqua

Aqua's Barbie Girl was released in 1997 and was their most popular single, in fact it was still being used in 2001 as the interval song for the Eurovision Song Contest. The perfect 90s karaoke song for a duet but will you be Barbie or Ken?

Sing Barbie Girl karaoke here.

7. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

A movie classic and international love power ballad. My Heart Will Go On was the official soundtrack to the blockbuster film Titanic. Relive the love story of Jack and Rose and enjoy singing my My Heart Will Go On.. and on... and on... and on.

Sing My Heart Will Go On karaoke here

8. Man I Feel Like a Woman – Shania Twain

A classic 90s karaoke song that is all about female empowerment and will get anyone in the mood for a party.

Sing Man I Feel Like a Woman karaoke here.

9. MmmBop – Hanson

If baggy jeans and blonde curtains don't scream the 90's we don't know what does and Hanson certainly had both. A hugely successful 90s single MmmBop was nominated for two grammy awards and reached number one in 12 countries. This feel good 90s song is still as catchy today.

Sing MmmBop karaoke here.

10. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith

Another movie classic - this time the soundtrack from Armageddon, the highest grossing box office film of 1998 - I don't want to miss a thing is the perfect karaoke ballad.

Sing I Don't Want to Miss a Thing karaoke here

In the mood for singing now? We have already put together a 90's singlist to get you started right here

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