"Karaoke is like sex. When it's good, it's really good. When it's bad, it's still pretty good."

Moreover, singing also releases hormones like endorphins and oxytocin, associated with feelings of pleasure. But unlike sex, karaoke has not been overused in marketing to the point of becoming completely banal, obvious and boring. Singing is genuinely good for you and if you happen to be a marketer, good for your business too.

Singing is big. Think about Idols, The Voice, X-Factor, Carpool Karaoke, SingStar...the list goes on. Karaoke, on the other hand, is an anarchistic form of amateur singing. It's based on the idea that singing isn't exclusive to professionals, but rather that everyone should be allowed to not only enjoy singing, but also be a star.

Karaoke is an inclusive form of self expression that resonates extremely well with people. Everyone has an opinion on it, some love it, some are afraid to do it, some do it only in the shower. Be that as it may, it doesn't leave anyone cold.

We at Singa believe singing belongs to everyone and that's why we're building a modern streaming service to empower and unite all singers of the world. We currently cater to over million singers and 1000 Singa powered bars, night clubs and other entertainment venues in the Singa Family.

Here's a couple examples on how you can join the fun and engage your customers with karaoke. If you got inspired, drop us a line and we'll have your community singing in no time.

1. Over 15 000 ice hockey fans supporting their team by singing karaoke

Every sports team have their own anthems their fans use to get in game mood and cheer their team to the win. We challenged the fans of KHL hockey team Jokerit to support their team by singing their heart out during the game. And they did.

ice hockey karaoke

We plugged our B2B solution Singa Business into all arena screens so everyone could follow the lyrics. Thanks to the Full HD quality, Singa videos look sharp and clear even on the biggest of screens. The rest was just pure karaoke magic created by the chanting hockey fans.

How about using over 80 000 karaoke songs accessible on mobile, desktop or Smart TV to create added value for your customers? You can increase sales, engage customers or improve retention by bundling a Singa Premium special offer to your product or service.

Here are some of the great organizations we've had the honor to work with so far.

Shure Microphones x Singa

Singa Special Offer bundled with Shure Microphones in UK and Finland.

Philips Android TVs x Singa

Singa in a TV
Singa Special offer bundled with all Philips Android TVs in Finland

Three UK x Singa

Singa in a phone
Singa Special Offer available for mobile carrier Three UK's customers via their loyalty app Wuntu.

Telia SE x Singa

Singa Special offer available for all Telia Zone customers in Sweden.

3. Sweatcoin x Singa: Earn karaoke by walking

people singing karaoke

When you've walked the walk, you can sing the song! Sweatcoin is an app that tracks & verifies your outdoor steps using your phone’s accelerometers and GPS location. Those steps get converted into our currency — Sweatcoins. And yes, you can use your sweatcoins to get free karaoke with Singa Premium.

4. "Misheard karaoke" by Fazer Remix Hits x Singa

candy and karaoke

Nordic Food Industry leader Fazer teamed up with us for a launch of their new candy bag Remix Hits. A creative and fun campaign was built around misheard lyrics creating some funny versions of popular hits by using these alternative lyrics. The bags of candy also included a free Singa Party Pass for added value to customers.

5. A gigantic Singa Open Air Karaoke using the biggest screen in Nordics

Karaoke is perfect for events and activations. Inspired by the legendary Sunday outdoor karaoke in Mauerpark, Berlin, we organized our own version in the centre of Helsinki and added a bit of new flavor by using the biggest digital screen in the Nordics.

Together with the Helsinki City, Clear Channel and our sponsor Blok we came up with something unique and unforgettable. Thousands of people came and hundreds of them sang everything and anything from hip hop to opera.

People could browse all the 80 000 songs and submit request directly from the Singa mobile app. Singa Open Air Karaoke is a perfect example on how singing resonates with people, and also media. The event was covered by every major media in Finland from online to TV.

We even organized the event at a Christmas market in below zero weather. There's nothing that warms up a crowd like singing!

outdoor karaoke

6. The Singa karaoke bike puts singers on wheels

Teaming up with beverage company Hartwall in Finland and Extra chewing gum in Sweden, we put Singa on wheels and hit the streets and events during the summer. The bike proved to be a true eye- and ear-catcher wherever the karaoke bike captain decided to steer the wonderful thing.

If you want to join us in our quest in bringing more singing to the world, contact us and let's create something amazing together!